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​​Marlen Santana Perez is a native of Villa Clara, Cuba. Prior to her legal career in the United States, and after she graduated in 1992 from Central University in Santa Clara, Cuba with a Law degree, Marlen was an Attorney in Remedios, Cuba, where she practiced Civil and Criminal Law from 1992 to 1998. In 1998, Marlen left Cuba to Venezuela with her 4-year-old daughter. In 1999, she arrived to the United States through the Mexican border as an immigrant with nothing but dreams. Marlen was determined and always valued the unlimited possibilities this country had to offer her and her family. During her first years, Marlen worked as a house cleaner, factory worker, administrator assistant, and interpreter.

After years of study and hard work, she enrolled in the Master of Social Work Program at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Marlen graduated Summa Cum Laude from UT with a Master of Sciences in Social Work (MSSW). She was the recipient of the 2006 UT College of Social Work Rhoda O’ Meara Public Welfare Award.  The award is granted each year to a graduate student in recognition of his/her superior record as a professional social work student and his/her continuing concern for and support of public welfare goals and services.

After graduation, Marlen started working as a Social Worker at Saint Thomas Health Services providing counseling and social services to immigrant families. After years of supervision and completion of a national exam, Marlen received her License in Clinical Social Work. Currently, Marlen is a licensed therapist in FL and TN. The social worker career provided the kind of personal, and professional fulfillment Marlen wanted, but she saw herself limited in the type of assistance she wanted to offer to others like her that were in a position of disadvantage. Essentially, Marlen wanted to offer assistance beyond mental health. Thus, the legal profession suited well her goals and prior experience as a lawyer in Cuba. In 2010, Marlen attended Nashville School of Law at night while she worked as a social worker and as a legal assistant during the day. Marlen earned her Juris Doctorate at Nashville School of Law in 2014.

After graduation from law school, Marlen founded Tucasa Mental Health, a private mental health practice in Antioch, TN providing counseling services to individuals and families with a variety of mental issues and conducting psychological assessments for victims of abuse and trauma for immigration purposes, and the Federal Court system. In addition to her private practice, Marlen has worked for the Law Offices of Hernandez and Smith,  a civil and Immigration Law Firm, providing support to the firm’s immigration attorney; assisting clients gathering evidence; conducting legal research and as a translator.
Marlen's law practice focus on Immigration, Family and Contract Law. She is also a Guardian Ad Litem in Probate Court.

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After passing the BAR exam, Marlen opened her own law practice with emphasis on immigration, family law, contracts, wills and construction law.  Her office is located in Antioch, TN, a vibrant and diverse community. Her admission to practice law in TN also allows her to practice Federal Law including Immigration in all fifty states. Marlen offers superior services to her clients based on empathy and trust. She believes that persistence, more than experience or any other factor, is the key to success. Marlen has been working in the legal field for over 8 years and has found that clients truly appreciate an honest and perseverant advocate. She is here to help you succeed and accomplish your goals in any way she can.  Marlen is not your typical attorney. She fled Cuba and came to the US to join her husband who had already been relocated to Nashville as a refugee by Catholic Charities. What should have been a straight forward journey, became an eight year ordeal due to the ineffective advice of an immigration attorney. Marlen’s experience shows the complexities of our immigration system and the importance of selecting the right attorney. Marlen knows that navigating our legal system can be difficult and discouraging, but she will persist until she wins. 

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